Super Jodi 2 Malla Yuddha Special Episodes – Saturday and Sunday at 8.00 P.M

Star Suvarna TV will Air Malla Yuddha Special Episodes Of Super Jodi 2

Super Jodi 2 Malla Yuddha Special Episodes
Super Jodi 2 Malla Yuddha Special Episodes

Malla Yuddha , Indian form of Wrestling, is the heritage of India. Mysore Dasara is witnessing Malla Yuddha since ages as part of its culture.

In this week’s “Super Jodi 2”, the same competition will be conducted with the traditional costume. It’s curious to know who would show their bravery in this fight and earn the medal.

Super Jodi 2 has entertained its audience thoroughly through “spin wheel” task which made “Firing Star” to eat chilly literally. His joyful and fun-filled words proved to be spicier.

Star Suvarna Latest Programs
Star Suvarna Latest Programs

This week’s Super Jodi- 2 is entertainment packed, as the visit of the movie “Operation Alamelamma” team members, Simple Suni, Rishi and “U-Turn” fame Shradha decorated the show. Even they participated in the games and won the hearts of the audience.

Now that the elimination round has begun, the curiosity in the audience has doubled. So don’t miss to watch thrilling show “Super Jodi-2” this Saturday and Sunday at 8pm in Star Suvarna. this kannada reality helped star suvarna to improve trp ratings. we have updated contestants list, online videos etc of super jodi season 2.

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