Chintu TV Birthday Wishes – Celebrate your kids birthday with Chintu TV


Chintu TV Birthday Wishes

Chintu TV Birthday Wishes is one of the popular segment in kannada kids channel chintu. it’s the 24h hour kannada kids channel from sun network. birthday wishes segment is very popular and you can wish your kids birthday through chintu tv. you can send your child details to chintu tv for the birthday wishes. if you are interesting to get greetings through the channel, can follow the instructions. you need to send your kids photograph and other details to chintu tv. all details (images, name, date of birth) should be reach 10 days before the birth date.


chintu tv birthday greetings
chintu tv birthday greetings

log on to and browse for chintu tv, you can browse it from menu. you will get the page ” chintu tv birthday wishes “, open it and fill details. you need to fill the details about your kid through this form. name (your kids name) , date of telecast (birth date), mobile number, city, country, sender name (your name), email id and attach photograph. it should reach 10 days before to chintu tv to telecast. for example your kid birth date is 15 January , it should reach chintu tv before 5th January. Then only they can include birthday wish through channel.

Instructions to send birthday wishes to chintu tv


Date – Entering ‘DATE’ should be 10 days before the date of telecast. This is very important, your kid image and details should reach 10 days before here.

Month – Wishes accepted for the current and upcoming month. you can’t send too early. for example your kid birthday on march, you can send details on february or march. chintu tv will not accept to early birthday wishes requests.

Image – Only image file with extension(.jpg,.jpeg,.gif,.png,.bmp) is allowed. These are the image formats, chintu tv will not accept other formats.

Chintu TV Birthday Wishes
Chintu TV Birthday Wishes

Note – This website not accepting any photos for showing at birthday wishes program, we are just discussing about the procedure.

  1. Nirmala says

    Need to send photo for bithday wishes at chintu TV.

  2. Megha says

    Hi, We missed to watch 21.03.2019 episode. where can we find the recorded video

  3. Kotresh says

    My son Nihal celebrating 5th birthday on 15 may 19..

  4. Padmashree says

    Super programs to all chintu chanal

  5. Ganav Pattar says

    My Son Birthday 30/05/

  6. Adam Chapparband says

    Chintu TV email id address

  7. NIharika says

    Pls upload birthday wishes video to youtube because we could not watch on that day…..

  8. Niharika and Sathvik says

    pls upload birthday wishes video dt 10/05/2019 and 22/06/2019

  9. Sumaramesh says

    We are eagerly waiting to watch today’s birthday wishes programme.
    At what time u are going to telecast birthday wishes programme

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