Yarivalu Serial Hero, Heroine, Supporting Actors and Behind the Scene

Udaya TV Latest Offering Yarivalu Serial Lead Actors Swathi Konde, Aarav Surya

Udaya TV Serial Yaarivalu Full Actors
Full Actors

Yarivalu serial is a brand new show from Udaya TV under the tagline Badalagtide Samaya, Badalagide Udaya . The serial with a nail-biting storyline, engaging screenplay, visually stunning and a stellar star cast like the ones we see on big screen. Serial Starring Swathi Konde, Aarav Surya , Shrestha, Ambarish Sarangi, Sharmitha, Ashok Hegde, Balaraj Vanishri, Deepa Parvathi, Nagaraj Bhat etc in Lead roles.


Aarav Surya – Nikhil
Swathi Konde – Maya
Aaradhya – Shrestha
Ambarish Sarangi
Ashok Hegde
Balaraj Vanishri
Deepa Parvathi
Nagaraj Bhat

Shrestha Role Played By Aaradhya
Shrestha Role Played By Aaradhya

Shrestha, a small girl belonging to a rich family craves for mother’s love. Her mother is mysteriously missing and it’s inevitable for Shrestha to accept another woman as her mother. Shrestha’s bedridden grandpa is being tortured and dominated by her father. A transwoman plays an important role to protect Shrestha from her cruel father and foster-mother which is another specialty of the serial. After ‘Nandini’, this is the second instance that Udaya TV has shown immense respect towards the transgender community by offering pivotal supporting roles.

Swathi Konde as Maya
Actress Swathi Konde

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‘Arka Media Works’, which produced blockbuster movies like Bahubali and popular serials in the Bollywood as well as in other languages is producing ‘Yarivalu’. Darshith Bhat directs the serial along with Mandya Manju’s cinematography. Swathi Konde, who has already played pivotal roles in Sandalwood movies like ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’, ‘Kamarottu Check post’, ‘Vanilla’, and ‘Kattukathe’ plays protagonist Maya’s role.

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