Udaya TV FPC – List of Programs airing with telecast time


Updated Udaya TV FPC (Fixed Point Chart)

Sun network’s Kannada GEC airing Serials, Reality Shows, Comedy Programs , Super hit Films etc Daily. You can check the Updated Program chart of the channel, We have already published that new serials launching from 8th June. Udaya now ruling the trp rating chart, lock down crisis leads them to air movies and earned more points from films.

Udaya TV Serial Aladdin Online Videos
Udaya TV Serial Aladdin Online Videos
TIME Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
09:00 A.M
12:00 Noon
Khara Masala
12:30 P.M
01:00 P.M
01:30 P.M
02:00 P.M
02:30 P.M
03:00 P.M
03:30 P.M
Movie (Udaya TV FPC)
04:00 P.M
04:30 P.M
05:00 P.M
05:30 P.M
06:00 P.M
Alladin Serial
06:30 P.M
Ganesha Serial
07:00 P.M
Kasturi Nivasa Serial
07:30 P.M
Sevanthi Serial
08:00 P.M
08:30 P.M
Nandini Serial
09:00 P.M
Manasare Serial
09:30 P.M
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Udaya Television Fixed Point Chart