Udaya Dashami Festival on Udaya TV from 29th May Actress Sudharani is a guest at Kanyaadaana

Sudharani Special Episodes of Kanyaadaana Serial – Udaya Dashami Festival

Udaya Dashami Festival on Udaya TV
Sudharani is a guest at Kanyaadaana

Many special features are waiting for the viewers in those two weeks of Udaya Dashami.Udaya TV, which has been entertaining Kannada television viewers for the last two and a half decades, is getting closer to the hearts of the viewers through its diverse series. Gowripurada Gayyaligalu , Kanyaadaana, Annathangi, Anandaraga, Sundari, Radhika, Janani, Nayantara, Sewanti emphasize reality in entertainment through serials.

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Now all the serials of Udaya TV are coming in front of the viewers together with Mahathiruvu. ʻUdaya Dashami’ which starts from 29th May is the festival of these great turning points. It is also a celebration of relationships. The heroines of Udaya serials are recognized in their niche as a woman plays different roles and responsibilities as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, daughter-in-law, wife, mentor in a family.

Udaya Dashami

At 6:30 PM in the serial Kanyaadaana, five daughters gather together at their father’s house to celebrate God’s festival and perform pooja. Even after marriage, all five are standing in the position of a daughter who cares about her father who does not shy away from responsibility. Famous actress Sudharani will appear in a special role in the preliminary scenes.

Udaya TV
Udaya TV

Sudharani will be playing the role of a girl who is fed up with a mischievous girl who brings a change in Deepu Baal. Vijay, the husband who suspects his wife Deepu, Surya who follows and tortures Deepu. How will Deepu fix her baa? Udaya TV will bring to the viewers an interesting episode about how Sudharani, who appeared in a special role, will fix Deepu’s life.

Aswath, the father who invites his four daughters and sons-in-law to the house and calls the god, the celebration in the house is not only emotional but also captivating the viewers with colorful scenes Udaya Dashami.

Being a heroine in hundreds of films is a one of a kind experience. It is a unique experience as a reformer in real life comforting lives in pain. In such a special role, I am coming as your house daughter in Kanyadana Sudharani said, “Look and wish.

This Exciting Episode of Kanyaadaana Serial will air on Udaya TV from 29th Monday to Saturday at 6:30 PM.

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