Dasara 2020 Specials on Udaya Television – 19th October to 23rd October

udaya TV’s Dasara 2020 Celebrations

Its celebration time in Udaya TV. All your favourite shows are gearing up with some awesome entertainment. Dasara in Udaya from the 19th Oct to 23rd Oct, everyday evening.

Dasara Programs on Kannada Channels
Navarathri Programs Kannada Channels

Kasturi Nivasa at 7:00 P.M

Navaratri festival is a devotional worship for Goddess Chamundeshwari.  Navratri Celebration special Mahasangama episodes will be aired along with the lot of entertainment in Udaya TV shows. Navratri is the symbol of victory over the power of evil. Udaya Tv’s popular Serial Kasthuri Nivasa is gearing up to showcase the same. Entire house is in shock looking at Raghav’s current situation, still how the entire family celebrate the Navarathri Festival to bring smile and happiness back in the Joint Family. Gombe Pooja is one of the attraction during Navarathri festival and is celebrated with lot of happiness in Kasthuri Nivasa family.

Kasthuri nivasa online episodes
Kasthuri nivasa online episodes

Along with this lot twists can be seen during this festival special episodes of Kasthuri Nivasa serial.During this happy and celebration mode of festival Sarvamangala is plotting evil plans to create Conspiracy among family to spoil everybody’s happiness, will Mrudula gets victory over the  Evil plans of Sarvamangala? To know more watch Kasthuri NIvasa Mahasangama Episodes on Udaya TV.

Sevanthi at 7:30 P.M

Deepika In Udaya TV Serial Sevanti
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Malathi Yashwant Sardeshpande will visit Sevanthi Family along with her grandchild for Dasara celebration. They are family friends of Pramodadevi running saree business. Every year they gift saree to daughter in law of the house, this year they have come to give saree to Sevanthi. To entertain the guest’s main leads wear North Karnataka type dressing and do North Karnataka cuisines. Then they do gombe puje, where Anu tries to play mischief, spoilt by Deshpande couple. We will do Kanya Bagina to the grand kid Sardeshpande couples followed by Banni Pooje. This special also includes romantic moments of Sevanthi and Arjun.

Yarivalu – Kavyanjali Mahasangama at 8:00 P.M

There is Dasara celebrations in Sushant’s house. Veda brings home a new character into the house. An old lady who was her care taker. She has her own ulterior motives behind coming to the house. Veda also accidentally meets Maya & Shrestha while she is coming home with the old lady. In Veda’s house, the groom who has come to see Anjali is a friend of Dr.Nikhil. He comes to the house with Nikhil’s parents. In the meanwhile Dharmendra’s men are looking for Shrestha, they get to know that Shrestha is in Veda house.

Yaarivalu Kannada Serial Online Videos
Kannada Serial Online Videos

Anjali becomes emotionally attached to Shreshta. Just before Anjali’s engagement, Shrestha gets kidnapped and Anjali rescues her which leads to her engagement getting cancelled. It is later revealed that this was a plot done by Veda.This Mahasangama will also be telecasted on weekends, 24th & 25th Oct, Sat & Sun – 9:30 to 10pm

Manasaare at 9:00 P.M

Anand’s family decides to visit their family temple. At the temple Prarthana does a lot of sevas to get the blessing of the god so that her father begins to love her. Her prayers seems to be answered, when Anand begins to get drawn towards Prarthana, he begins to see Kousalya in Prarthana and hence is drawn towards her but the moment he realizes that its Prarthana he get irritated and goes away. In the meanwhile Vasuki has arranged for Bhoopathi to come and attack Anand.

Manasare serial udaya tv
ಮನಸಾರೆ ಸೀರಿಯಲ್ ಉದಯ ಟಿವಿ

Pavani gets a suspicious about Vasuki’s plan but before she can get to know the plan, Bhoopathi attacks Anand when he & Prarthana are performing pooja for Kousalya. Prarthana sees this and jumps into the river to save her father. She eventually saves her father by killing Bhoopathi, like Chamundi did to the demon Mahishasura on the Vijayadashami day.

Aakruthi at 9:30 P.M

This Dasara, in Aakruthi episodes there will be lots of interesting twiss & turns that will entertain the audience. Jayaram hatches an evil plan to separate Divya & Balu since he believes that if they get together than their lives will be destroyed. Having lost her husband Chaitra struggles to celebrate the festival with her children. For several generations there was a tradition of having Harake Aata, a folk form of narrating stories, which had been stopped. Now due to the force of the people of the village, Jayaram has no choice but to agree for Harake Aata in Kademane.

Akruthi serial online episode at sun nxt app
online episode at sun nxt app

Divya & Chaitra, for the sake of the well-being of the villagers agree to have the festival in their house and make preparations for it. The folk dancers perform Harake Aata with great energy which entralls the villagers but due to Aakruti there will be trouble for Divya’s family and the villagers. How will Divya, Bhairavi, Yash & Balu save the villagers and their family from the demon Aakruti forms the crux of the Dasara special episodes. Aakruti Dasara episodes will be telecasted from 19th Oct to 23rd Oct at 9:30pm on your favorite channel Udaya TV.

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