Sudharani Guest Appearance In Kasturi Nivas/Sevanthi Mahasangama

Udaya Television Brings Actress Sudharani in Mahasangama Episodes of Kasturi Nivas-Sevanthi

Sudharani Guest Appearance In Mahasangama
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Udaya TV Proudly telecasting Special Mahasangama episodes to entertain its audience. Started with Yaarivalu-Kaavyanjali, followed by Aakruti-Manasare Mahasangama episodes and from 2nd Nov started airing Kasthuri NIvasa and Sevanthi Mahasangama Episodes.Popular sandalwood actress were present in Mahasangama Mega entertainment episodes. Adithi Prabhudeva in Yaarivalu-Kaavyanjali & Radhika Narayan in Aakruti-Manasaare brought glory to the Mahasangama Episodes.

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Sandalwood popular actress is now appearing in a special guest in Kasthuri Nivasa-Sevanthi Mahasangama Episodes to double the entertainment. Sandalwood famous actress Sudharani who acted in many popular films like Manedevaru, Aanad, Sirigandha, Panchamadeva and many others will be part of Kasthuri Nivasa-Sevanthi Mahasangama episodes to bring glory to the show.

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Sudharani is taking part in the auspicious time of remarriage to find a solution to the unexpected events happening in Sevanthi and Mridula life. The special Mahasangama episodes telecasting on coming Saturday-Sunday at 9.30 pm in Udaya TV.

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