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Updated Programs With Telecast Time – Star Suvarna Serial List

Star Suvarna Serial List
star suvarna serials latest episode online

Popular shows on star network’s kannada gec suvarna tv includes Amrithavarshini, Sindhura, Sathyam Shivam Sundharam, Krishna Tulasi, Putmalli, Sarva Mangala Mangalye, Maharani, Bili Hendthi, Paaka Shaale, Shree, Maharshi Darpana, Halli Haida Pyateg Bandha etc. prime time of the channel is filled with serials. As per latest barc kannada trp reports, suvarna tv is placed at 3rd positions. Yajamana movie was the most popular show week 33 , no suvarna serials included in top 5 list. Paaru, gattimela (both on zee kannada) are the highest trp serials now, Mangala Gowri Maduve also in the top show list.

Yediyur Siddalingeshwara Serial Star Cast Including Harish Raj, Vinay Govada, Vallabh Suri, Narayana, Harshala Honey, Jyoti Rai, Jyoti Kiran.

prime time star suvarna serial

Bili HendthiBili Hendthi Hotstar App Episodes06:00 PMThis is one of the popular serials on the channel crossed 400+ episodes, subject is about a Kannadiga boy fall in love with a foreigner and marry her. rest of the story telling the issues faced by couple in the family. Hotstar app streaming all the latest episodes of the show, Krystyna Devina Lason from Poland is playing an important role in Bili Hendthi. Deepak Gowda playing the male lead Ajith and produced by Tricolours Entertainments Pvt Ltd
Satyam Shivam SundaramSatyam Shivam Sundaram Hotstar06:30 PMCrossed more than 600 episodes, today and old videos of the show is available on hotstar kannada tv application. It’s the official remake of Hindi serial Ishqbazz and Chethan Chandra in lead role. This was the debut of Chethan Chandra in Mini screen, become popular within few episodes and getting decent trp ratings.
Marali Bandalu SeetheMarali Bandalu Seethe07:00 PMVinay Rajkumar to played a cameo role in the show, Madhubala, Kaushik Nagarajun and Rakshitha are in the star cast of the show. Seethe role is played by actress Madhubala, Her Husband character Aryavardhan is played by Kaushik Nagarjun, Angadha character by Actress Rakshitha. Hotstar app streaming latest episodes of the show and listed in prime time at star suvarna serial.

suvarna serials online app

Muddu LakshmiMuddu Lakshmi Hotstar07:30 PMAshwini , Anu Poovamma, N T Rangaswamy, Ananth Velu, Soundarya are in the star cast of Muddulakshmi serial. It’s the kannada remake of malayalam serial karuthamuthu, handling the subject of dark complexion of an innocent girl. Kannada television actress Ashwini plays the role of Lakshmi in Muddulakshmi, crossed 450 episodes on the channel. hotstar app kannada streaming latest episodes of the show on mobile phone.
PremalokaPremaloka Serial Full Episodes Online Hotstar App08:00 PMKasautii Zindagii Kay getting kannada version via suvarna tv premaloka serial. Actor Vijay Suriya playing hero role in the show, Ankitha Navya Gowda playing an important role. Balaraj, Vanishree are in supporting star cast, hotstar app streaming today episode online.
Varalakshmi StoresVaralakshmi Stores hotstar app08:30 PMRavi Mandya, Preethi Srinivas, Pramod, Raanav , Shankanand are in Varalakshmi Stores Serial star cast. Telling the story of Ramamurthy and his three brothers, Rajeeva, Nanjunda, Puneeth running Varalakshmi Stores.
Aramane GiliAramane Gili Hotstar Full Episodes Online09:00 PMArjun Yogesh Raj, Varshika Nayak , Pavitra Lokesh are in the star cast of star suvarna tv serial Aramane Gilli. It’s directed by Nagesh Maiya and online episodes available on hotstar app.
star suvarna serial online
Bayasade Bali BandeBayasade Bali Bande Hotstar09:30 PMStory around the character Jeeva, he is a film producer, and Kavya advocate by profession. These tow get married under dire circumstances starring Vinay Gowda, Raksha Holla etc in lead roles.
SindooraSindoora Serial Online Epiosdes Hotstar App10:00 PMSoumyalatha as Suma , Chandana , Anand Nagarkar, Muttu Raj, Bhoomika, Gowtham, Vikas are the actors.
Sarvamangala MangalyeSarvamangala Mangalye Hotstar App10:30 PMStar suvarna serial telling the story of Parvathi, Mahashankara starring Chandan Kumar, Aishwarya Pisse, Rashmitha etc.
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