Serial Hitler Kalyana Cast and Crew – Abhiram Jayshankar role Played by Dilip Raj


Zee Kannada Latest Serial Serial Hitler Kalyana Actors and Real Name

Serial Hitler Kalyana Actors List
ಹಿಟ್ಲರ್ ಕಲ್ಯಾಣ

Leela (Female Lead) and Abhiram Jayshankar (AJ)/Ram (Male Lead) are the Major Characters of Zee Kannada Serial Hitler Kalyana. Channel Schedule to Premier the Show from Next Monday (9th August), Airing Every Monday to Friday at 7:00 P.M. Abhiram Jayshankar (AJ) – Dilip Raj , Revathi – Deepika , Prem – Vinay, Chandra Shekar – Ravi Bhat , PA – Rakesh , Pramod – Rocky Gowda , Deva – Shourya , Lakshmi – Neha Patil , Kousalya – Abhinaya , Saraswathi – Padmini , Sarojini – Vidhya Murthy are in the Star cast of Serial Hitler Kalyana.


Leela Real name in Hitler Kalyana
Leela Real name in Hitler Kalyana

Ram a widower is a successful Restauranteur and a perfectionist by nature. He would have lost his first wife very early in a traumatic accident which makes him get cocooned in his own world. He was a very serious-no nonsense kind of person who does not believe in emotions. He is also a father figure to his three nephews (off-springs of his elder brother) and their respective wives.

Leela (Malaika T Vasupal), a young and bubbly girl who is a little clumsy, her intentions are always good, but they end up becoming a mess and everyone including her family keeps telling her that she won’t be able to do anything right. This only makes her more determined to prove that she is capable of doing things right.

Actors and Role Name

Abhiram Jayshankar (AJ)Dilip Raj
LeelaMalaika T Vasupal
Chandra ShekarRavi Bhat
PramodRocky Gowda
LakshmiNeha Patil
SarojiniVidhya Murthy
Dileep Raj in Serial Hitler Kalyana
Dileep Raj in Serial Hitler Kalyana
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