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Kananda Channel Ratings

Television Ratings of All Kannada Channels Can check from here. User can browse weekly barc television ratings of all popular kannada television channels.

barc ratings kannada – top 5 channels and shows for week 51

top 5 channels and shows barc ratings kannada barc ratings kannada for week 51 published, there is no major changes in top 5 channel list and shows. colors kannada again placed first positions in kannada tv ratings. zee kannada again at second positions and star suvarna placed at 3rd. udaya movies channel at 4th place and udaya tv at 5th place. these are the list of top 5 kannada channels as per latest barc. colors kannada is leading in trp ratings chart. top 3 shows are also from colors kannada channel. Putta Gowri Maduve, Lakshmi Baramma, Agnisakshi are the shows listed at top 3. kannada…

kannada tv ratings week 49 – barc latest television channel ratings

kannada tv ratings week 49 - colors kannada is popular channelkannada tv ratings week 49 published by barc, as per latest television channel ratings colors kannada is the top channel and zee kannada placed at second. There is no other changes in top 5 channels list, once again colors kannada top in the list. zee network's kannada gec zee kannada is at second positions. star suvarna channel once again at 3rd spot, udaya movies at 4th and udaya tv at 5th place. we can check the most popular kannada tv serials and shows now. niharika serial launched on star suvarna, this may affect next…

Kannada TV Channels Ratings – Barc Week 48 Data Details

Kannada TV Channels Ratings - Top Channels and Shows List Kannada TV Channels Ratings By Barc, You can check the weekly data of all popular channels. Top 5 channels list and Top 5 programs can check from here. colors kannada,zee kannada, udaya movies, udaya tv,star suvarna etc are the most popular channels. We can check which channel is at top positions and which program is more popular. Barc (broadcast audience research council india) publishing trp ratings very week and this week they have published 48th data. 26th November 2016 to Friday, 2nd December 2016 are the dates for this week barc…