Radhika Narayan Guest Appearance In Manasare – Akruthi Mahasangama

Udaya Tv Brings Mahasangama With Presence Of Rangitaranga Fame Actress Radhika Narayan

Radhika Narayan In Mahasangama
Udaya TV Mahasangama

Udaya TV is airing special Mahsangama episodes with its 2 popular serials Manasaare and Aakruti. Prarthana is waiting for father love from childhood and Divya who lost her father, are coming together in Mahasangama episodes. Actress Radhika Narayan of Rangitranga fame will make a special guest appearance. Divya, Balu and Anand, Prarthana are main protagonists of the serial and reveal many mysterious truth during mahasangama week.

Confluence of Stories

Prathana, who punishes Bhupathi in the form of Chamundi to save her father, later Anand and Prarthana gets lost in the Forest. In the meantime, Devaki, Paavani, Yuva and vaasuki are looking for them. Divya Pavani unexpectedly meets the family while Divya looking for Bhairavi. Divya and Paavani family together will search for lost Prarthana, Anand and Bhairavi. Anand, on the other hand lost with Prarthana in the forest and undergo dangerous situation by Aakruti. Also Aakruti is trying to kill all family members of Kademane as she is not happy with them.

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How Anand and Prarthana will survive while fighting against life? Will Difference of opinion between Divya and Balu is going to be ok? Will Paavani and Divya Family members get rid of Aakruti obstacles? Amidst all this is a special episode featuring many thrilling scenarios of how Radhika Chetan stands out and give strength to Prarthana and Divya family members can be seen in Mahasangama week. Mega special episodes will air on Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 pm on your Uday TV only

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