MAYA Udaya TV’s New Fiction Staring From 9th July at 07.30 P.M

Watch Maya TV Serial Every Monday to Friday at 07.30 P.M On Udaya TV

maaya serial udaya television
maaya serial udaya television

Udaya TV is leading and most entertaining Kannada television channel giving exclusive programs for audience from 24 years and now running successful shows which includes Nandini, Kanmani, Brahmastra, Kaveri is all set to launch “Maya” their fiction mega serial. Maya consist of many interesting elements which would grab audience attention in no time. Maya is being aired on Udaya TV on 9th of July at 7.30pm.

Maaya Udaya TV as the name suggest is a unique story consisting of suspense, Fantasy, Family drama, Romance, Thriller and Super Natural power included serial catering to all the audience of different age group. “Punarupi Maranam” “Punaroopi janamam” a Sanskrit saying which says that the soul will never die and it’s the body that dies is the concept of Maya.

Star Cast

Udaya TV Television Serials
Udaya TV Television Serials

It is said that the sage is ready to wake up and so once again the good and evil forces gather force to get the secret.  Aravind, Yaksha and darshini are the main lead for the story MAYA Udaya. It is said that the child born to a person who has five planets in his ascending will be able to win the secret. All the three, Aravind, Darshini and Yatchini have five planets in their ascendancy.

Evil forces led by Kaalanthaka a person who is formless is finding a soul which was lost 1000 years back and who is committing deaths in order to get a form and a witch and her subordinates try to win the secret too. Who will team up with who? And who will be able to win the secret is the question and the journey of suspense and thriller.

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udaya tv serial maya
udaya tv serial maya

Maaya is a Fantasy socio-mythological mega serial, Produced by Ace Director/Producer Sunder. C, who has also made Nandini – the biggest show in South India. The show is made with high end Production values & Graphics to give a unique viewing experience.

MaAYA is Edited by Srikanth and Screenplay and dialogues is written by Udaya, and Maya is directed and by Bhanu and has a well-equipped and talented group of people working on it. The one-up-man ship war between the evil and good forces start and MAYA-s episodes narrate the war. The Mega soap is entirely a fantasy thriller and a visual treat.

Please don’t miss to watch it , The “MAYA Udaya” will be telecasted from July 09th at 07.30 PM in Udaya TV.

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