Manasa Sarovara Mega Episode On Udaya TV – 22nd June at 9:30 P.M

Udaya TV Presents Manasa Sarovara Mega Episode

Manasa Sarovara Mega Episode Udaya TV
Manasa Sarovara Mega Episode Udaya TV

Sunidhi is upset because chintan is not receiving her call in the parallel track sharadhi is trying to impress saroja devi for chintan’s sake. Anand suggests sunidhi to search for chintan, to divert sunidhi’s attention Vicky makes anand unconscious and makes her panic…

Vicky’s despiracy for sunidhi.. Sharadhi’s despiracy for chintan..Miscommunication between chintan and sunidhi. Saroja devi tries to take revenge on sunidhi goes the twisted Mega episode of Manasa Sarovara.

udaya tv hd channel
udaya tv hd channel

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With the above twists and interesting elements udaya tv is telecasting Mega episodes from this june 18th till 22nd and do not miss the feast and entertainment that is guaranteed. udaya tv is coming up Mega Episodes for a week from this 18th of June. Jo Jo Laali, Kaveri, Nandini, Jeevanadi & Manasa Sarovara will be Telecasting Mega Episodes accordingly.

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