Madhumagalu Serial Udaya TV Launching on 7th March at 06:00 P:M

Every Monday to Saturday 06.00 P:M is the Telecast Time of Madhumagalu Serial

Madhumagalu Serial Udaya TV

Udaya Television launching it’s latest Kannada Serial from Monday, 7th March. Madhumagalu/Mahumagalu/Madhu Magalu Scheduled to telecast at 06:00 P:M, Every Monday to Saturday. Newbies Rakshitha and Bhavish are the Hero/Heroine , Sirija , Rekha Rao , Sundar Veena , Ravi Bhat are in Supporting Start Cast. Adarsha Hegde who has earlier directed Kavyanjali is all set to take the captainship of the show with Camerman Rudramani. Shak Studios is producing the show.


Madhumagalu serial is a unique show with a different story line, as it gives a rollercoaster experience in every episode. Heroine who is the daughter of the house, becomes a daughter in law. Powerful theme may evoke questions of how will a daughter become the daughter in law, team promises that episodes of the show will give a view of it. Madhumagalu is produced by the same team which produced the popular show of Udaya Tv , Kavyanjali.

Udaya TV Serial Madhumagalu
Udaya TV Serial Madhumagalu

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Madhuvanthi is a woman of substance, she gives birth to a girl and with the influence of her wicked brother , he changes it into a baby boy. Destiny brings them together where mother daughter face each other after 24years , Greeshma , lead of the show is a bold rightful and daring girl. ‘’ As is the mother , so is her daughter ‘’ goes the quote and with the same fire and vibe , each time madhuvanti and greeshma face , hate evokes.

Shishir , hero of the show , has the exact opposite qualities unlike his mother. Madhuvanthi has the softer heart for her son and bringing in a well deserving daughter in law is all the dream she has got. Destiny plans its drama as shishir and greeshma meet and eventually fall in love. How will these hidden truth affect each relationship, will there be a light of acceptance, Madhumagalu is all set to answer all the questions.

Actors of Madhu Magalu Serial Udaya TV
Actors of Madhu Magalu Serial Udaya TV

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