Kavyanjali Love In Goa From 15th February – Monday To Saturday 8.30 Pm On Udaya TV

Udaya Television Specials – Kavyanjali Love In Goa

Kavyanjali Love In Goa
ಕಾವ್ಯಾಂಜಲಿ ಲವ್‌ ಇನ್‌ ಗೋವಾ

Kaavyanjali is one of the successful show of Udaya TV and it is has successfully completed 150 episodes and is growing stronger with each passing episode.The month of February is the month of love.  Hence Serial Kaavyanjali team are coming up with surprise for the audience and that surprise would be,  the episodes which would be telecasted for the next 2 weeks has been shot in Goa since Goa is famously known as romantic destination.

A special valentine’s day party is planned where the couples participate in a romantic dance sequence followed by lighting hundreds of sky lanterns on the beachside. Later, love confession of the two couples is the key highlight of the Goa special episodes. Also, there will be a road trip, church and temple visit to showcase the beauty of Goa.

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Kavya and Siddharth are finding it hard to unite Anjali and Sushant and on the other side Anjali and Sushant are also making similar efforts to unite Siddarth & Kavya. To spice up the story, senior comedy artists Tennis Krishna and Rekha das would be seen in completely different roles in Kaavyajnali. The cast and crew of the Kaavyanjali team has given their heart and soul to make “Love in Goa”  episodes to fill the audience hearts with love.

Kaavyanjali special love in Goa episodes would be telecasted from 15th Feb Mon-Sat 8.30 pm in Udaya TV. Another major change being done, due to unavoidable circumstances, is that the character of Anjali would be henceforth played by Brahmastra’s fame Deepa Hiremath. The change remains only with the person playing the role but not the character of Anjali. Audience have accepted and appreciated the character Anjali, Udaya TV and Kaavyanjali team believe audience will shower the same amount of love towards the serial.

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