Kasturi Nivasa Serial Udaya TV Completed It’s 500 Successful Episodes

Monday to Saturday at 7:00 P.M is the Telecast Time of Kasturi Nivasa Serial

Kasturi Nivasa Serial Udaya
ಕಸ್ತೂರಿ ನಿವಾಸ ಸೀರಿಯಲ್

Kasthuri Nivasa, the name itself gives the happy family vibes. The show mainly focuses on the importance of joint family and emotional connection between them. After successfully completing 500 episodes, the show is looking for more challenging journey ahead. Every character has won the hearts of viewers in its own way. Kasthuri Nivasa’s heart lies in the emotional bonding of its family members, be it mother & son, brother & sister and so on.

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The show has been offering twist in the plot so far, be it the death of Mrudhula or the introduction of Kushi and at every junction has created curiosity to hook the audience to for the story. Parvathi heads this beautiful family, her husband Mahanandi supports her. Hero Raghav (Played by Dileep R Shetty) is lost in mrudhula’s thoughts and that is when Kushi enters his life. Kasthuri is fighting for the justice of Mrudhula’s death, she meets kushi and starts getting attached to her. Meanwhile, Kushi who is brought up by lucky, ends up staying in Kasturi Nivasa Serial on her promise.

Cast and Crew Behind The Serial Kasthoori Nivasa
Cast and Crew Behind The Serial

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Friendship has tied Raghav Kushi together, but what holds them in future, we will have to wait and watch.Devi studios is producing this show with Mussanje Mahesh as the captain of the ship. Also, the main strength lies in the amazing Kasturi Nivasa Serial star cast which includes Asha Rani, Jyothi Rai, Ruthu, Risha, Dileep Shetty, Padmavasanthi. This show has had special episodes with Kannada’s legendary actor Srinivas murthy.

At the joyful step of 500, team shares that the show has interesting elements on going ahead. The most anticipated Raghav & Kushi’s marriage is around the corner.

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