Kantara Movie Premier on Star Suvarna Channel – 15th January at 6:00 PM

Sankranti Special Premier Movie On Star Suvarna – Kantara

Kantara Movie Premier

Celebrate This Sankranti festival with Kantara Movie on Star Suvarna , On this January 15th at 6 pm. Making the whole country look at Sandalwood in 2022, Kannada’s proud history-making movie “Kantara” will now have its World Television Premiere on your Star Suvarna.

Kantara Movie TRP Rating – World Television Premier on Star Suvarna Bagged 15.8 TVR

Kantara Movie TRP
Kantara Movie TRP

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This is a story that takes place in the background of the celebrations of Deity worship, Bhutakola, Kambala, Koli Anka, etc. in the Tulunad region of Karnataka. The movie starts with high voltage scenes and keeps the viewers mesmerized as they watch.


The atmosphere used by the director to tell the story of human hatred, greed, cruelty, sacrifice and demand for sacrifice, the unthinkable incident at the end adds divinity to this ordinary story. Rishabh Shetty and Saptami Gowda played the lead roles in the Kannada movie ‘Kantara’, Deepak Rai, Guru Sanil, Prakash Tuminadu, Ranjan, Kishore, Achyut Kumar, Pramod Shetty, Manasi Sudhir and many others acted in the movie.

Kanatara Movie Television Premier

Star Cast

“Kantara”, a story of pride celebrated by Kannadigas on Sankranti, the first festival of the new year, will have its world television premiere on January 15 at 6 PM on your favorite channel ‘Star Suvarna’. Get ready to witness divine vision on Kannada television.

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