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Dance Karnataka Dance is a unique dance show that seeks to provide a unique platform for recognition of the best talent across Karnataka. Dance Karnataka Dance Mahasanchike Listed as Top 2 In Latest TRP reports, You can get this week highlights from here.

Chaithrali DKD Contestant
Chaithrali DKD Contestant

Free style Round at DKD

Vikram and Shefali danced to Swathi Muttina Male Haniye song from Bannada Gejje (which was originally choreographed by Chinni prakash master in the movie), the crew built a special stage for the performance with props on the DKD dance floor for the performance, Vikram and Shefali received standing ovation for their performance and they got the golden hat too.

Brundha and Rahul S Rao performed to the song Kanna Muche Kade from the movie Rambo, they performed with emotional content. taking the theme of struggles with COVID-19 and during the COVID-19 lockdwn situation and how COVID-19 affected their poor family.

And as said last week, team DKD shot an AV and presented -the revealation of how chaithrali special contestant of DKD, a deaf and dumb girl -how she practices and how she remembers the steps, and she performed to Indu Banigella Habba song from Nenapirali movie.

Annapoorna Ajji Special Contestant

Annapoorna Ajji at DKD Season 2
DKD Zee Kannada Show

danced with family member-Aarva Gowda aka Gowdre, they performed duet to the song-Thamnam Thamnam from the movie-Eradu kanasu,they enacted like Dr Rajkumar and Kalpana later on, her childhood photos were displayed on screen taking back into memories, her sister came to watch her perform on the DKD floor, and down the memory lane they said that they are Rangabhoomi artists and used to perform in dramas when they were young to support their family.

Vijay singh shetty and Rithikha performed to Helilla Yaarallu Naanu from the movie Krishna Rukku – they performed mesmerizingly in acrobatic style performance they were given the best performance and standing ovation and also golden hat.

Vijay Singh Shetty and Rithka DKD
Vijay Singh Shetty and Rithka DKD

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