Deepavali Special Episodes on Udaya TV – Airing Monday to Friday

Udaya TV’s Deepavali Specials

deepavali specials of udaya tv
Diwali Specials

Udaya TV is the most promising TV channel for the people of Karnataka for years. Another name for Entertainment is Udaya TV. Manasaare, Kavyanjali, Aakruti, Sevanti & Kasthuri Nivasa have won People’s heart for its own variety. Almost every festival has been celebrated and has kept entertaining audience all the time. Now the festival of lights is everywhere. Take a look at how Udaya TV’s serials celebrate this Diwali.

07:00 P.M – Kasturi Nivasa

Deepavali prologue begins from 13th where the whole family decide to celebrate deepavali . Celebrations on 16th include  traditional  oil bath , parvathi does shastra  , satyabhama keshav get same color saree to mrudhula nagaveni and herself , sarvamangala try to poison their relationship ,  Also she plans to throw crackers on mrudhula and kill her. This serial is a blend of both the beliefs and the modern ideas of the day, the strong bondage or enemity between mother-in-law and daughter in law.

Kasthuri Nivasa is now celebrating 300 episodes

Devi Production is making a lot of noise with Kashturi Nivasa with its big star cast. Mridula and Parvathi are working together for the happiness of the family in spite having different mindset. In the earlier episodes Parvati used to hate Mridula but now she has given her the daughter in law position that she deserves.

In the joint family where all family members are giving high value to relation and staying together happily, Sarvamangala is trying to create conspiracy among all family members. The story revolves around how Mridula fights against Sarvamangala’s Plans and tries to maintain the happiness and peace can be seen in coming episodes of Kasthuri Nivasa.

07:30 P.M Sevanthi

There will be Lakhsmi pooje and lots of celebration in Sevanthi house. This the first Diwali for the new couple Arjun & Sevanthi. Sevanthi gets a lots of gifts from Sharad Ajji. Anu plans to Burn Sevanthi’s face, she gets an oil that will explode when lit up. But this plan fails and Sevanthi saved at the last minute.

08:00 P.M Yarivalu

Maya comes home as Ahalya on Diwali day. Dharmendra will be wondering where she was all these years and tries to find out where she was all these years. Her reply to his enquiry will be related to the various legends related to Deepavali. Dharmendra gives her tests to see if she is actually Ahalya. Shrestha helps with these tests. Ahalya serves food to everyone in the house because she says everyone is equal, this makes dharmendra & yamini angry.

08.30 P.M Kavyanjali

Anjali initiates Sushant & Kavya’s wedding against Sushant’s wishes. Veda agrees to the wedding on one condition which is Anjali has to walk out of their lives after the wedding. The entire week starting from the 16th will be about the various ceremonies that happen during the wedding. From Mehandi to the tying of the Mangalsutra.

09:00 P.M Manasaare

During the diwali week Yuva decides to finaly get Prarthana to accept his love, he takes her to a temple and beside the kalyani, he proposes to her. She accepts his love and a new romance blooms. Anand gives Diwali gifts to everyone except Prarthana, which makes Prarthana very sad. Devaki decides to make Anand give Prarthana a gift. Devaki gives her word to Prarthana that she’ll make it happen. During the pooja, Vasuki burns her own saree and puts the blame Pavani for trying to kill her.

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