Chintu TV Schedule – List Of Kannada Kids Programs With Telecast Time

24 Hour Kannada Kids Channel From Sun Network – Chintu TV Schedule Updated

kids programs kannada
kids programs kannada

Chintu TV Schedule (ಚಿಂಟು ಟಿವಿ) of programs can be check and download from here. chintu tv is the 24 hour kannada kids channel from sun network. chintu and its shows very popular in karnataka, you can check shows names. hanuman , kung fu panda , pink panther , stuart little , spiderman , dora , boonie bears, ammu and friends , dance with me , mr dinku , planet hulk, prachanda hanuman , 1001 nights etc are some of the shows.

Balveer show chintu tv
Balveer show chintu tv
  • Mr.Dinku airing Monday to Sunday at 09:00 PM, Balveer at 2.00 P.M listed in chintu tv schedule

Kannada Language Kids Programs And Telecast Timing

06:00 A.MBoonie CubsBoonie Cubs06:00 A.MBoonie CubsBoonie CubsBoonie Cubs
07:00 A.MSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 Galaxies07:00 A.MSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 Galaxies
08:00 A.MBalveerBalveer08:00 A.MBalveerBalveerBalveer
09:00 A.MLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna09:00 A.MLittle KrishnaLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna
09:30 A.MGrowing UpGrowing Up09:30 A.MGrowing UpGrowing UpGrowing Up
10:00 A.MAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of Hanuman10:00 A.MAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of Hanuman
11:00 A.MOllie And MoonOllie And Moon11:00 A.MOllie And MoonOllie And MoonOllie And Moon
11:30 A.MEnchantimalsEnchantimals11:30 A.MEnchantimalsEnchantimalsEnchantimals
12:00 NoonPanchatantra StoriesPanchatantra Stories12:00 NoonPanchatantra StoriesPanchatantra StoriesPanchatantra Stories
12:30 NoonFairy TalesFairy Tales12:30 NoonFairy TalesFairy TalesFairy Tales
01:00 P.MDoraDora01:00 P.MDoraDoraDora
02:00 P.MBalveerBalveer02:00 P.MBalveerBalveerBalveer
03:00 P.MAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of Hanuman03:00 P.MAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of HanumanAdventure Of Hanuman
04:00 P.MOllie And MoonOllie And Moon04:00 P.MOllie And MoonOllie And MoonOllie And Moon
04:30 P.MEnchantimalsEnchantimals04:30 P.MEnchantimalsEnchantimalsEnchantimals
05:00 P.MLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna05:00 P.MLittle KrishnaLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna
05:30 P.MGrowing UpPanchatantra Stories05:30 P.MGrowing UpGrowing UpGrowing Up
06:00 P.MPanchatantra StoriesFairy Tales06:00 P.MPanchatantra StoriesPanchatantra StoriesPanchatantra Stories
07:00 P.MBalveerBalveer06:30 P.MFairy TalesFairy TalesFairy Tales
08:00 P.MLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna07:00 P.MBalveerBalveerBalveer
08:30 P.MGrowing UpGrowing Up08:00 P.MLittle KrishnaLittle KrishnaLittle Krishna
09:00 P.MBoonie AdventureBoonie Adventure08:30 P.MGrowing UpGrowing UpGrowing Up
10:00 P.MSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 Galaxies09:00 P.MBoonie AdventureBoonie AdventureBoonie Adventure
11:00 P.MDoraDora10:00 P.MSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 GalaxiesSindbad and 7 Galaxies
11:00 P.MDoraDoraDora

Weekend Shedule Chintu TV

06:00 A.MBoonie Cubs06:00 A.MBoonie Cubs
07:00 A.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies07:00 A.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies
08:00 A.MBalveer08:00 A.MBalveer
10:00 A.MMovie10:00 A.MLittle Krishna
11:30 A.MLittle Krishna11:00 A.MHappy Kid
12:00 NoonGrowing Up12:00 NoonGrowing Up
01:00 P.MDora01:00 P.MDora
02:00 P.MBoonie Adventure02:00 P.MBoonie Adventure
03:00 P.MHappy Kid03:00 P.MHappy Kid
04:00 P.MGrowing Up04:00 P.MGrowing Up
05:00 P.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies05:00 P.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies
06:00 P.MLittle Krishna06:00 P.MLittle Krishna
07:00 P.MBalveer07:00 P.MBalveer
10:00 P.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies09:00 P.MBoonie Adventure
11:00 P.MDora10:00 P.MSindbad and 7 Galaxies
11:00 P.MDora
Chintu TV Schedule
Chintu TV Schedule