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Download Voot App for Voting Colors Kannada Anubandha Awards 2021

Anubandha Awards 2021
ನಿಮ್ಮ್ ನೆಚ್ಚಿನ ಜೋಡಿಗೆ ವೋಟ್ ಮಾಡಲು VOOT APP ಡೌನ್‍ಲೋಡ್ ಮಾಡಿ.

Leading Kannada GEC from Viacom18 Every Year Conduction an Award Function to Honors Actors, Technicians etc who Work for the Channel, Colors Kannada. Viewers getting a chance to select the Winner, They can participate in the Online Voting Mechanism. Official OTT Platform of the Channel Voot Can be used for doing online voting at Anubandha Awards 2021.

Jana Mecchida Entertainer , Jana Mecchida Hosa Parichaya, Jana Mecchida Jodi, Jana Mecchida Manthare, Jana Mecchida Nayaka, Jana Mecchida Nayaki, Jana Mecchida Samsara, Jana Mecchida Shakuni, Jana Mecchida Style icon Female, Jana Mecchida Style icon Male, Jana Mecchida Youth icon are the Categories of Colors Kannada Anubandha Awards 2021.

How to Vote for Anubandha Awards

1, Open Website From Desktop or Open the Voot Online OTT Application from Your Mobile Phone.

Colors Kannada Channel
Colors Kannada Channel

2, Find the Menu Vote, Play & Win, Here You can Find the Anubandha Awards 2021 Vote Link. System Will Ask for Login or Register – Use your email id or Mobile Number to Complete the registration and Wait for the Options.

2, Click on Corresponding Category, For Example Jana Mecchida Entertainer – It will List the Nominations as Chandan Shetty , Muruga , Niranjan Deshpande , Prerana Kambam , Ritvik Mathad , Ramola . You can select your favorite Colors Kannada Artist and Vote for Anubandha Awards Online. From Below table you can find the full list of Nominees for the current year of Colors Kannada Television Awards.


Category Nominees Online Vote
Jana Mecchida Entertainer Chandan Shetty , Muruga , Niranjan Deshpande , Prerana Kambam , Ritvik Mathad and Ramola Open Voot App or
Jana Mecchida Hosa Parichaya Chandan , Srikanth , Sandesh , Suryakanth , Nakshatra , Charan , Kannika , Sowparnika
Jana Mecchida Jodi Yaduveer – Lahari , Mithun – Rashi , Ani – Meera, Rajeev – MangalaGowri, Harsha – Bhuvi , Vijay – Geetha , Shivaram – Mahathi , Agastya – Inchara, Bhupati – Nakshatra, Charan – Kannika
Jana Mecchida Manthare Kaveri , Suraksha , Ahalya , Saaniya, Bhanumathi , Ayi Saheba , Indrani , Shwetha, Yamini
Jana Mecchida Nayaka Yaduveer , Mithun , Aniketh , Rajeev , Harsha , Vijay , Shivaram , Agastya , Bhupathi, Charan
Jana Mecchida Nayaki Lahari , Rashi , Meera, Mangalagowri , Bhuvi , Geetha , Mahathi , Inchara, Nakshatra, Kannika
Chikkejamani Serial Online at Voot App
Chikkejamani Serial
Voot App Anubandha Awards
Category Nominees Online Vote
Jana Mecchida Samsara Hoo Male , Mithuna Rashi , Nammane Yuvaraani , Mangalagowri Maduve , Kannadathi , Ginirama , Nannarasi Radhe , Lakshana , Kanyakumari , Geetha , Raja Rani , Ede Tumbi Haaduvenu Open Voot App or
Jana Mecchida Shakuni Hemanth , Shankara Murthy , C Taara , Sundara Murthy , Shravan
Jana Mecchida Style icon Female Lahari , Kavitha , Ahalya , Sneha , Varudhini , Bhanumathi , Lavanya, Swetha , Yamini
Jana Mecchida Style icon Male Harsha , Vijay , Shivaram , Agastya , Bhupathi
Jana Mecchida Youth icon Anupama Gowda , Ankitha Amar , Aravind KP, Ayyappa , Niveditha Gowda
Vote Online Anubandha Awards
Vote Online Anubandha Awards

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