Anna Thangi Serial Crossed 350 Episodes on Udaya TV – Sankranti Festival Specials

Udaya TV Sankranti Specials – Anna Thangi Serial Crossed 350 Episodes

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350ಸಂಚಿಕೆ ದಾಟಿದ “ಅಣ್ಣ-ತಂಗಿ” ಧಾರಾವಾಹಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಸಂಕ್ರಾಂತಿ ಹಬ್ಬ

Udaya TV is going full steam ahead with 350 episodes of Anna Thangi, entertaining viewers with the brother-sister relationship in the brother-sister series. And gearing up to bring you many more exciting story episodes. The entire team happily gathered to cut the cake to celebrate the moment as our serial completed 350 episodes. Our lead actors Shivraj, Tulsi and Indra interacted with their fans on Instagram.

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Tulsi and Shivraju are ideal brother and sister. They are the only support for both of them who have no father and mother. After many twists and turns in Tulsi’s love and marriage, Tulsi is married to Indra, the son of mother-in-law who loves Tulsi as his life. An angry Abhi creates problems in both of their lives. This causes resentment in Tulsi and Indra’s family. All these have an effect on Tulsi. Seeing all this, Nanjappa Tulsi takes exception that his behavior is not right. Shivaraju slaps Nanjappa after hearing his sister’s complaint.

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Because of this, Nanjappa calls the panchayat and offers to end the relationship, but brother-sister love is not lost on Vatsalya’s mind. In the new year, the brother-sister relationship will take a new turn and will be revealed in the next episodes.On Sankranti festival, the brother and sister team celebrated by tying trinkets to their house and making a pile of paddy from their field and drawing rangoli. Like sugarcane, flowers and fruits were worshipped, boiled milk and made sweet huggi, like sesamum jaggery was distributed and the harvest festival was celebrated with great enthusiasm.

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