Amruthadhaare Serial On Zee Kannada Channel Launching on 29th May at 07:00 PM

ZEE Kannada to Air Amruthadhaare on 29th May, Monday to Friday at 07:00 PM – New Fiction Show

ZEE5 App Streaming Amruthadhaare Serial Online
ZEE5 App Streaming Amruthadhaare Serial Online

ZEE Kannada has evinced the top position by catering creative content in every genre the channel entertainment industry offers. The essence of novelty and freshness being included in every new launch has made ZEE Kannada stand out from its competition. Amruthadhaare is The Latest Addition in Channel’s Prime Time, Launching on 29th May, Monday to Friday at 07:00 PM.

The channel’s fiction and non-fiction show enjoy the top position in the chart for their gripping content getting delivered directly to the hearts of the viewers. Unique concepts, out of the box content and relatable plots have been ZEE Kannada’s top priority which also matches the tastes of its ardent viewers. The newly introduced dubbed fictional shows have also proved to be of greater interest to the Kannada audience.


Amruthadhaare traces the story of two strangers getting married and gradually falling in love. As their lives intermingle, the unique story line will explore the myriad emotions that surface after the marriage of two completely strange and different individuals and how it leads to a rock-solid mature relationship built on understanding, trust, and love.

As the story opens, we see a Bhoomika (Chaya Singh), an educated unmarried woman in her mid-thirties who believes that marriage has passed her by. Though she believes that a lonely, single life awaits her, Bhoomika continues to be an optimistic soul who takes joy in relishing every moment and every activity around her. She is in her own beautiful world – happy and content with life. On the other hand, Gautham (Rajesh Nataranga), an entrepreneur in his mid-forties, who believes he has crossed the age of marriage long back.

Though extremely busy with the business he took over after his dad’s death and a doting extended family at home, Gautham does not feel the need of a life partner. Yet, marriage suddenly comes knocking at his door. What happens when these two different personalities come together through the institution of marriage? How does love to happen to these two lonely souls?.

Amruthadhaare Zee Kannada Serial
Amruthadhaare Zee Kannada Serial

Exploring the world of two strangers from very diverse social backgrounds who have long passed what is deemed a marriageable age in our society get married and eventually fall in love. Every time problems arise, their love, trust, and respect for each other grows stronger and deeper. The leads of the show are ever ready to sacrifice their all for their respective families but when these two lonely the coming together of these two lonely souls will be the beginning of a sweet love story.

This is a slice of life mature love story where two people from vastly different social backgrounds enter a marriage of convenience for the sake of their families but upon getting married discover that despite their contrasting personalities have similar values and principles which over time evolves into genuine love and respect for each other all this being showcased through the urban lens, tinged with humor and drama elements.

Cast and Crew

Amruthadhaare Serial Male Lead Role Gautham Played By Rajesh Nataranga and Female Lead Bhoomika Played By Chaya Singh Along With Sihi Kahi Chandru, Chithra Shenoy, Vanitha Vasu, Amrutha Nayak, Shashi Hedge and Sara Annaiah.

Mahesh Rao who said action cut for big screen to Rocking star Yash will be producing this new fiction show Amruthadhaare along with Keerthi Akshay . Uttam Madhu will be directing this serial in new flow. The popular music composer Sunadh Gautham who has given many hits to the small screen has composed the title track of this show. Sudheendra Bhardwaj and Chethan Solagi have penned the lyrics of the track.

Amruthadhaare Serial Launch Date

Conceptualized and produced by television Mahesh Rao, Amruthadhaare is a unique love story with two extended families providing the backdrop and a story which is hugely relatable and immensely identifiable. The show will further strengthen the prime time 7:00 pm slot for ZEE Kannada.

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