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Siri kannada channel launching serials from 22nd June – Aganinakshetra Airing at 7:30 P.M

Aganinakshetra Siri Kannada Serial
Siri Kannada Channel Programs

Siri kannada, which started its journey 18 months back has been entertaining Kannadigas with Evergreen Classic / Blockbuster movies and various programs. Taking further lead in entertaining Kannadigas, Sirikannada is launching four serials on 22nd June between 7:30pm to 9:30 pm (Monday to Saturday).



Aganinakshetra Serial at 7:30 pm is the journey of a girl who faces adversaries from her husband’s elder brother as he secretly likes her. Tarangini at 8 pm is the story of 3 young girls who are best friends & every situation together bravely. Jagadekaveera at 8:30 P.M is a Social-Fantasy serial revolving around love story of women who turns into stone during day time. Gombe Mane at 9 pm is the lover & affection story of 2 Sisters.

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Gombe Mane Serial Telecast
Gombe Mane Serial Telecast

As quoted by channel head, Sanjay Sindhe, all these serials are content driven with high quality making. Apart from this channel creative team is working on new Serials based on Kannada novels. Same shall be made available to Sirikannada viewers very soon. Sirikannada team is working continuously to provide best entertaining program to kannadigas and is very confident of becoming most entertaining channel of Kannadigas.

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